July 2011 Issue of the SLIS Descriptor

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Looking to keep up with your fellow students during the summer break? Check out the July 2011 issue of the ALASC SLIS Descriptor

  • Just who are your recently-elected ALASC officers? Check out our profiles and see what we’re reading this summer.
  • Alison Leonard writes about her recent tour of the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising Library.
  • Pat Oey shares her experience as a Youth Services intern at Atherton Library.

Do you have stories to share? Have you participated in a library tour? Completed a rewarding internship? Sweated it out at ALA in New Orleans? We want to hear from you! Please send your submissions to alasc.descriptor@yahoo.com.

Stacey Nordlund,
Editor, SLIS Descriptor
ALA Student Chapter
School of Library and Information Science
San Jose State University