April 2023 SLASC Newsletter

🪺🌷Spring break may be over, but there's always something happening with SLASC! No April Fools here - we're excited to show new opportunities coming up for this semester and beyond! 🐰🐣

Getting to know You!

Do you like math and science? Are you interested in connecting people with information about medicine or the law? Perhaps you have discovered your passion in a performing arts or film library. Do you want to work with something other than books? Suppose you’re drawn to an environment that’s not your typical library, in other words - a Special Library and the Special Libraries Association Student Group wants to know how we can serve you.

We are looking to understand the information-seeking behaviors of our members. What information do you hope to find through the Special Library Association? What are your interests? Our goal is to better serve our members with strong programming and events.

This should take only about 5 minutes to complete.
Be as honest and as specific as you would like.
Your insights are very important to us!

Thank you for your time!

Open House and Recruiting Event

Learn How You Can Join The Executive Committee with our upcoming Open House,
at 2 pm, Saturday, April 8th!

We will be looking to recruit for the following roles for Fall 2023:
Assistant Secretary
Second Assistant Membership Director
Assistant Archivist
Assistant Programming Director
Second Assistant Programming Director
Second Assistant Social Media Director
Assistant Blog Editor
Second Assistant Blog Editor
Assistant Communications Director
Second Assistant Communications Director

Come and learn what being part of SLASC is all about!

In the meantime, keep an eye out for updated Vacant Positions. We hope to see you there!

Events and Programs

SLASC Events

Looking for study buddies? Join us! Virtual Study Group Zoom Info:

Meeting ID: 832 7626 5875
Study Hall Zoom Link
Password: 114457

Slavery, Memory, and Reconciliation with

Dr. Mary Beth Corrigan


As a library advocacy intern, SLASC Membership Director Lauren West attended CSLA’s conference in March, to learn all about the struggles facing school libraries today. She was able to use a Travel Grant available to all iSchool students that want to attend SJSU conferences in exchange for representing the school as a student ambassador. Though the grants are closed for the fiscal year, keep an eye out for any conferences (starting in June) that you might want a grant to attend, too!

MLA/SLA 2023 Conference

Medical Library Association/Special Libraries Association (MLA/SLA) 2023 Conference
We are very excited about our conference collaboration with the Special Libraries Association. The collaboration means access to sessions on topics that transcend medical librarianship, like leadership and management. It means the chance to network with colleagues who face similar challenges in different settings. This conference collaboration between The Medical Library Association (MLA) and the Special Libraries Association (SLA) means access to sessions from both organizations on topics that transcend your current institutional focus. The conference also offers you the opportunity to network with colleagues who face similar challenges in different settings. Register today.

CLA 2023 Conference

California Library Association 2023 Conference
These past few years have been challenging for libraries and for our communities. This year's CLA Conference theme, Sustaining our People, Planet, and Performance into the Future, is precisely what we need to inspire us to move towards a more resilient future. We invite you to Sacramento to experience a PRIDE-filled conference full of dynamic speakers, programs, activities, networking opportunities, and ideas this June. Most importantly, we invite you to take time to reconnect with your peers to take on what is next in the library world together. Register today.

Other Upcoming Events

In-Person in Cambridge, Massachusetts: Tuesday, April 4, 2023, at 5:30 PM - “Focusing the Fire Hose - Meeting the Information Needs of Life Sciences Companies” panel. Hosted by the SLA New England Community. For more information, contact Ann Cullen of the SLA New England Community.

Thursday, April 13, 2023, at 1:00 PM Eastern - “What's Next for Special Libraries?” Virtual Roundtable. Hosted by the SLA New England Community and the Connecticut Library Consortium. Register here.

April 18, 2023, at 7:00 PM Eastern - SLA-Washington, DC Virtual Book Club - Cataloging the World by Alex Wright. Register here.

Meet Aisha LaDon Abdul Rahman, SLASC Programming Director, and YouTuber! 🎉

Aisha LaDon Abdul Rahman is a first-generation college student and a grandmother of six. Although she was born in San Jose, California, she was raised in Sacramento, California. After homeschooling her children and running a web design agency for 20 years, she decided to return to school to pursue her passion for research and library science.

At first, she thought library science would be a great career fit for her since she loves research and could spend countless hours reading and getting paid for it. However, she soon realized that library science is not just about reading books all day. Undeterred, she enrolled in her local community college’s library certificate program to test the waters and learn more about it. During this time, she discovered that she enjoyed cataloging, which led her to enroll in iSchool and focus on cataloging and metadata.

As the first semester came to a close, she started learning more about archives versus libraries, which sparked her interest in the Management, Digitization, and Preservation of Cultural Heritage and Records (Archival Studies and Records Management). In addition to her web design background, she has also spent a significant amount of time researching her family history, including traditional genealogical research and genetic genealogy.

Being of African descent and having ancestors that were enslaved victims of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, she has faced many challenges in tracing her ancestry to help her reconnect with her culture and heritage. However, she was able to trace her ancestry via DNA to various tribes and countries in West Africa. Recently, she even made a trip to Sierra Leone where she was sworn in by President Bio and given citizenship based on DNA proof of her Mende and Temne ancestry.

Her ultimate goal is to obtain a career that focuses on the preservation of West African culture and heritage, with an emphasis on helping African Americans connect to their roots through archival records. She dreams of a job that allows her to work remotely and travel to Sierra Leone and Ghana, studying and researching the culture and history with boots on the ground.

When she is not doing homework, she loves reading and researching West African and African American history, culture, art, and languages. She also runs a nonprofit called Legacy Designs Studio Inc., where she works to preserve and promote West African culture and heritage. In her spare time, she enjoys scuba diving, photography, and creating content for my YouTube channel, where she shares genealogical tips and her personal heritage travels.

Her passion for preserving West African culture and heritage is what drives her every day, and she hopes to inspire others to do the same. You can follow her journey and learn more about her nonprofit on her website at www.aishaladon.com and www.legacydesignsstudio.com. You can also check out her YouTube channel at youtube.com/aishaladon, where she shares her adventures in genealogy and West African culture.
A former executive committee member of the SLASC, Karen graduated from SJSU’s iSchool in the Spring of 2020. Her background in special libraries includes internships at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) and the Sierra Club as well as employment with the Academy of Art University’s library, the Bohemian Club, and Steve and Kate’s Camp helping develop after-school online programming. Currently, she is an Access Services Supervisor at Holy Name University’s Cushing Library. Applying MLIS skills (especially those learned as a virtual student for the past three years) has been rewarding especially being able to help parents, caregivers, teachers, performers, and artists navigate the murky waters of COVID. Karen enjoys learning new skills on the job and making connections along the way. Please contact her if you would like mentorship regarding virtual employment, interviews, management, program development, or ePort advice!

Add Karen on LinkedIn!

Kudos Corner - Shoutouts, Achievements

Touring the UCLA Film & Television Archive with

Erin Robinson 🎥 🎞

Erin Robinson (she/her/hers) is the Assistant Social Media Director for SJSU’s SLA Student Chapter. She is also the SLA Southern California Community (SLA SCC) SJSU Student Liaison and was recently appointed a member of SLA’s Students and New Professionals Subcommittee. She began volunteering at the Sherman Grinberg Film Library in Chatsworth, CA. last November and was recently hired on as a part-time Assistant Media Archivist. The Sherman Grinberg Film Library is the world's oldest and largest privately held film archive, containing more than 20 million feet of 35mm film from 1895 to 1957. It contains historic Paramount and American Pathé newsreels. In this role, Erin is currently working on assembling and preparing films for digitization as well as conducting research for clients. She is looking forward to starting work on the cataloging aspect of the film inventory. Accessibility to collections through digitization and preservation is of the utmost interest to Erin as she is completing the MLIS program this semester with the career pathway of Digital Curation and the Digital Assets Management certificate. She plans on continuing at SJSU working towards the post-graduate certificate in Digital Archives and Records Management. Last month she was able to join the SLA SCC’s tour of the UCLA Film & Television Archive, which was informative and an overall stellar experience.
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Unique libraries have unique stories. Here are just two from our blog.

Special Libraries of Antiquity

We often think of special libraries as “offshoots” of traditional libraries–but what if they came first in history? In order to answer this question, we’ll need to travel back in time to Mesopotamia. There’s an overwhelming body of evidence that humans realized the need to record, store, and organize information as early as the 3rd millennium BC, developing naturally out of the greatest human invention: writing. From there, the path leads to the first libraries, and they were special in every sense of the word.

Read more about the Museum of Antiquity here.

The David Bowie Archives

Innovative. Revolutionary. Brave. Bowie’s life was art, and his music has influenced artists, film, fashion, and theater for the past 50 years. He was a renegade, artistic pioneer, and one of the most avant-garde musicians of our time. While some adored him, others found him controversial and misunderstood.

David Bowie was born David Robert Jones in 1947 in London, England. He died on January 10, 2016, at 69, two days after his final album, Blackstar, was released. The world then discovered that the creator of Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, and the Thin White Duke had secretly been battling cancer.

Announced February 2023, London’s Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) acquired Bowie’s 80,000-item archive dedicated to the iconic musician. The museum received a $12 million donation from the Blavatnik Family Foundation and Warner Music Group to store and display at the new east London location.

Learn more about the David Bowie Archives here.

Learn More About Special Libraries & SLA

The Special Libraries Association is the global organization for innovative information professionals and their strategic partners. It
promotes and strengthens its members through learning, advocacy, and networking initiatives. Students can join SLA for just $10/year.

Learn more about the Special Librarianship Pathway in the SJSU iSchool and read about "non-traditional" LIS career pathways in this Hack Library School post from 2021.
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