23 Things for SLIS Students and Alumni: Essential Skills for Success


by Elaine Hall, SLISConnect Special Projects Manager

The 23 Things for SLIS Students and Alumni: Essential Skills for Success offers 23 technologies and skills recommended for SJSU iSchool students and alumni by iSchool students and alumni. These technologies are presented in a module format taking the participant through weekly 20-30 minute tutorials followed by an exercise to demonstrate learning. Participants are welcome to just browse the modules, etc. but the real value of this program is to learn something new, produce something as a result of that learning, be rewarded by a digital badge, and participate in a broad community of iSchool students and alumni interested in lifelong and collaborative learning.

The 23 Things is split up into 3 segments with seven to eight modules within each segment.

How to get started:

  1. Visit the 23 Things site: https://23things.sjsu.edu
  2. Register and become a 23 Things member. (This is not required to view the modules, but is required to comment, connect with peers, and earn badges for completing modules).
  3. Learn about contributing as a volunteer for 23 Things – create or review modules, correspond and encourage module participants, or write a post for the blog about how you, or someone you know, are using these technologies “in the real world”.
  4. Learn ! Explore the modules and complete the ones that interest you. You do not need to do them all – nor do you need to do them in any sequential order.

Here are the modules now available:

Segment 1: New Students
Resources essential for new student success


Segment 2: Professional Development & Presentations
Resources focused on professional development, networking, job searching and developing quality presentations

Available Now:

Coming soon:

  • Career Services – LIS Job Search Strategy, Module available October 9th
  • Career Services – Resume Success, Module available October 16th


Segment 3: New LIS Professionals
Essential resources used by LIS professionals in the field

  • Mastering Twitter, Module available October 23rd
  • Collaboration Skills, Module available October 30th
  • Conferencing, Module available November 6th
  • Presentation Tips, Module available November 13th
  • Poster Sessions, Module available November 20th
  • Infographic Creation, Module available November 27th
  • Professional Learning Networks, Module available, December 4th
  • Facilitating Book Discussions/Clubs, Module available, December 11th