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Welcome to the Connext Career Guide!

by Mickel Paris, MLIS

Whether you are a newly graduated MLIS student or a seasoned professional who hasn’t interviewed in awhile, interviewing for a new library position can be a difficult process. With the number of qualified MLIS applicants rising and the length of the interview process increasing (in some cases up to one year), the goal for many can seem far away. The Connext Career Guide was created to provide resources and advice to librarians who are currently interviewing for a position in the library field. The many resources in this guide will help you develop yourself into a polished candidate, one that employers would be excited to have on their teams. The information is presented in lists, articles and videos that are accessible to anybody with a computer, phone or reading device. By hovering over the “Career Guide” tab in the navigation menu above, you can easily navigate at any time to the career guide sections on salary, interviewing, and LIS career resources.

As an introduction to inspire a different way of thinking when beginning your job search, Scott Dinmore’s TED presentation in the above video offers a new type of framework in finding the job you want, not just the type of job you need for your resume. Starting with understanding your real personal goals lays the strongest foundation for finding that perfect library career!

After developing your personal goals, the next step in finding a job is networking! Join and participate in any of the LIS organizations listed below that matches your chosen area, experience or heritage. Library organizations will keep you aware of upcoming opportunities, and making a few new friends can only help you succeed in landing a career! Even if you are halfway from graduating with your MLIS degree, you should begin your job search today by developing your strategy. A good primer for this is the excellent article “How I got My Dream Library Job” by Ignacio J. Ferrer-Vinent.

Your feedback is also appreciated to help improve this site. Just click on “Connect” in the navigation menu at the top of the page and select your favorite method of communication. We will do our best to answer every question, comment or concern. Thanks for reading the Library Job Libguide, and good luck on your interview!