SLISConnect, CLA, and YOU

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And noisy it will be!!

The lineup for this year’s annual conference for the California Library Association runs the gamut from an eloquent punk rock elder statesman to a wild scavenger hunt and even Prom! That’s right – poofy dresses, BIG oversprayed up-dos, and corsages doomed to tragedy on the dance floor. In between all that, workshops on every topic under the bright library sun. California writers, RDA, cultural and ethnic programs, eBooks, cloud computing, and career strategies are just a small sample of what you’ll find at CLA.

And even if none of that tempts you, the best part of conferences is connecting with colleagues, classmates, and professors. SLISConnect is teaming up with several other student and professional organizations to host dinner and drinks on Sunday, November 3. The people you went to school with – yep, they’ll be there. The names that you see on listservs, Twitter, and Facebook, the ones will all the great ideas – yea, them too. We’re going to put everyone together in a restaurant and bar, season with all the brilliance and creativity inherent to librarians, SHAKE, and see what happens. It’s gonna get crazy.

And you don’t have to attend CLA to come hang with us. We just want to see you on Sunday night, ready to get your groove on.

Here’s all the 411 you could ask for (and then a little extra):

No host dinner at the Long Beach Cafe at 6pm. Sit, have a bite, meet the best people EVER, and then move on to drinks at The Auld Dubliner around 8ish. Come prepared to LET. YOUR. HAIR. DOWN.

All we ask is that you let us know you’re coming. You know, so we can psych up for your fabulousness.

This is totally you: “Yes, you will definitely see me at DINNER. And because you can’t get enough of me, I’m coming for DRINKS, too.”

Remember, attendance at the conference isn’t required. But having a great freakin’ time with us = MANDATORY.

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