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Call for Volunteers to Help Build Learning 2.0 Program for SLIS Students and Alumni

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SLISConnect is excited to announce a new Learning 2.0 program aimed to provide SLIS students and alumni essentials skills for success as students and as new LIS professionals.

This “23 Things for SLIS Students and Alumni: Essential Tools for Success” program – to be launched in July 2013 – will offer 23 modules over the course of 28 weeks to introduce specific online technologies that are proven and recommended by  SLIS students and alumni for academic and professional success. The 23 Things will be broken down into 3 segments:

    • Segment 1- New SLIS Students – resources essential for new student success
    • Segment 2 – Professional Development/Project Assistance – resources focused on networking, job searching, developing presentations, etc.
    • Segment 3 – New LIS Professionals – essential resources used by LIS professionals in the field

Each module will be designed to be completed within 30 minutes, including introduction, instruction, and evidence of completion. Participants will be supported by a community of learners who will offer support, guidance, and motivation throughout each module. Participants will also gain the opportunity to earn digital badges and share their work with the SLIS student and alumni community.

To make this program a success, we are dependent on student and alumni volunteers who would like to participate in the development, review, and community development roles required within each module. Below are a list of volunteer opportunities available:

Module Builders – Module builders will create a 20-30 minute tutorial on a specific student-alumni recommended technology or resource using WordPress including text, HTML formatting, images, etc. Module builders will work with Program Manager and Site Developers to upload and format module to the site. Modules to be developed will be mutually agreed upon with SLISConnect’s Special Projects Manager.

Module Reviewers – Module reviewers will review and test modules prior to its launch to assess the clarity of instructions, engagement with the technology, and ability to complete the module within a 20-30 minute segment.  Assessment criteria will be provided to each reviewer.

Module Correspondents – Module correspondents will interact with participants to answer questions, offer support, encourage participation, and applaud completed projects within each module. Module correspondents may be assigned to one or more weeks as mutually agreed upon.

Digital Badge Creators – Digital badges acknowledging completion and knowledge of each module will be given to each participant who completes each module. We need volunteer designers to design one or more of these badges for this Learning 2.0 program. Digital badges will be reviewed and approved by the SLISConnect board.

Benefits for Volunteers:

  • Contribute to an engaging Learning 2.0 program targeting SLIS students and alumni
  • Gain additional experience with WordPress, digital badges, and technological literacies
  • Develop evidence for your e-portfolio – particularly comps A, H, I, K, and M
  • Help build a strong, supportive, and interactive community for SLIS students and alumni

If you would like to volunteer for this exciting SLISConnect program, please email Elaine at and indicate the following:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Please indicate if you are a student (please include anticipated graduation date) or if you are an alumna (please indicate when you graduated)
  • Specific volunteer role(s) you are interested in
  • Knowledge or experience supporting the role(s) interested in
  • Your availability (project will run from June 2013- December 2013. Volunteers need only commit to one week but may also extend their participation on a mutually agreed upon term)
  • Brief statement of why you are interested in participating in this program

Thank you for considering this fun and unique student-alumni volunteer opportunity. More information about the program will be available soon for those interested in participating!



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