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Welcome to Fall 2017

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Whether you are new to program, or about to graduate, the Fall semester is a hectic time for students. As the semester begins, there is no doubt a lot of information and preparation that you will be putting into your classes. We would like to offer a few tips to help the back to school season seem less stressful.

  • Create a support network. Find friends or family that you can turn to when you need help, a break, or general advice. Graduate school can be mentally and physically exhausting, so it is important to rely on others when needed.
  • Remember to take care of yourself! Similar to the point mentioned above, but from a physical rather than a mental standpoint. Remember to eat well, stay hydrated, and get some exercise. Eating healthy and regular physical activity can improve your mood, your health, and make you more productive.
  • Manage your time. It can be difficult to meet the demands of work, school, family, and maintain a social life, but it can be done. Take some time to review your class syllabus early in the semester and plan around large assignments and due dates. Taking a few minutes early in the semester to do this will save you from having to rush through assignments later on.
  • Create a plan. Use the advising toolkit to think ahead about what electives that you want to take, and see when they are offered. Make sure that you review the core competencies when deciding on your electives.
  • Know the resources available to you. Check out the King Library for resources for your courses, how to guides, databases, and more. SJSU also provides several career and internship resources.

Have any other tips for success? Please share them below!

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