SJSU ASIS&T Student Chapter Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon

What’s an Edit-a-Thon?

Participants meet during a scheduled time to edit Wikipedia articles and pages.


The SJSU ASIS&T Student Chapter Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon will be held virtually (and asynchronously) from 12:01am Monday, September 29th until 11:59pm Sunday, October 5th.

During the Edit-a-Thon, a Google Hangout will be established as a Headquarters for participants to drop in and ask questions, make comments, and otherwise get together about the event!


If you don’t already have a Wikipedia account, you’ll make one, learn how to edit, and then go forth and edit articles/pages!

You can heavily edit a few pages/articles, or make minor edits to many pages, it is all good (as long as your edits are accurate, of course!)

Remember, if every participant makes a few small edits, we’ve made a big impact!!


A few reasons you should participate:

  1. it gives participants a comfortable, collaborative environment in which to learn more about Wikipedia, especially its technical side (without being TOO technical)
  2. the obvious: it helps build a better Wikipedia!
  3. it improves the visibility of librarians who are engaged with Wikipedia and similar resources, and the issues they’re focused on.

Need a refresher/to learn how to edit? No problem!

We will be holding a training session on Thursday, September 25 at 6pm PST, which will show participants how to edit Wikipedia articles/pages. Use this link:

Spread the word!

Follow the progress of the Edit-a-Thon by Tweeting #SJSUedits Feel free to contact us if you need help or have any suggestions! SJSUASIST @ Gmail dot com

We also have put together a guide, which you can view as a webpage here or download here.

To register for the event, please fill out the form below (or click here if you want to open the form in another window):